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Sacred Surroundings

By Shay Angelle


When you have a profound sense of oneness with the Most High, you become self revealed. The free will that God has given us doesn't come with confidence confidence just like discernment are spiritual gifts. How big is your God in comparison to your suffering. When are you going to let go of the fear and step into true divine love and compassion.

When we choose the oneness within us, we learn to trust in the Divine purpose for you unique existence. Embrace prayer as a compass that guides your steps and empower your actions. Allow the song of your soul resound with gentle Mercy and Grace.

As we gather near or far know this, Our Soul stirs though our hearts and minds as a reflection of our eternal source. The breath of life is our essence, our spirit, full of divinity bound by an eternal connection that transcends time and space.

The creator has woven the threads of your existence with pure love and purpose.To embrace this truth with unwavering faith we have to choose. to know ourselves intimately on every level. Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Confidently, Financially, and Socially. We have to open up that intimate relationship to the Most High, and its Magnificent Divine Guidance and Grace.

Through prayer we commune with God's Love, utilizing the instruments of His peace. As we surrender our will unto God's Divine and Holy Will, we let the Holy Spirit use us as channels of compassion and agents of Sacred change.

Do you Wholeheartedly Trust the Holy Spirit moving within you? Allow the Creator's light shine through you. Through my actions and words I set forth to transform live s and touch hearts with those who have ignited the fire of true devotion to the Great Good. May we walk hand in hand with the Almighty Source, co-creating, a Sacred Reality in the sanctity of prayer. You can now trust that the lessons you have learned were stepping stones to spiritual growth and the obstacles were opportunities to deepen your connection and relationship with God. What a glorious revelation it is to be aligned with Divine Will and Peace.


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