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Financial Awareness as a Spiritual Practice: A Heartfelt Journey

Financial Awareness as a Spiritual Practice: A Heartfelt Journey

Hey there, beautiful souls! 🌟 Welcome to our very first blog post at De La Divine, where we blend the mystical with the practical to create a life of abundance and enlightenment. Today, we're diving into a topic that might seem as dry as a Popeyes biscuit, but stick with me—financial awareness. And guess what? It's not just about the numbers; it's a spiritual practice, darling! Ready to get sassy with your finances? Let's go!

Picture This: You, Unstoppable and Abundant

Imagine yourself sitting in your sacred space, candles lit, incense wafting through the air. You feel at peace, connected, and ready to take on the world. Now, imagine bringing that same serene energy to your bank account. Yep, you heard me right! Financial awareness can be just as spiritual as your meditation practice.

Step 1: Get Real with Your Money

First things first, babes—let’s get real. Grab your fav journal (you know, the one you’ve been saving for something special), and write down every penny you spend in a week. Don't skip the latte or that spontaneous crystal purchase. This is about honesty and clarity.

Personal Experience Alert: When I first did this exercise, I realized I was spending more on takeout than on my self-care routine. Talk about a wake-up call! That was the moment I decided to channel my inner financial guru and make some changes.

Step 2: Set Intentions, Not Just Budgets

We are all about setting intentions here lol! Now that you’ve got a clear picture of where your money is going, it’s time to set some intentions. Think of your budget as a spiritual tool, guiding you towards a life of integrity and abundance.

Practical Step: Create categories that resonate with your soul. Instead of “Entertainment,” try “Joyful Experiences.” Instead of “Savings,” go for “Future Abundance Fund.” Words have power, my loves. Use them wisely.

Step 3: Align Your Spending with Your Values

Here’s where the magic happens. Look at your spending and ask yourself—does this align with my values? Is this purchase helping me become the person I want to be? If not, it’s time to rethink.

Heart-to-Heart: I used to splurge on the latest gadgets, thinking they’d make me happier. Spoiler alert: they didn’t. Now, I invest in things that truly nourish my spirit, like organic food, books that feed my mind, and yes, even those luxurious body butters that make me feel like the Goddess I am.

Step 4: Create a Financial Vision Board

Who says vision boards are just for dreams? Create one for your financial goals. Include images of what financial freedom looks like to you—maybe it’s a serene home, travel adventures, or a well-stocked emergency fund. Place it somewhere you’ll see it daily to keep that vision alive.

Step 5: Celebrate Small Wins

Don’t wait until you’ve paid off all your debt or saved a million bucks to celebrate. Every step towards financial awareness is a victory. Did you manage to save a little this month? Dance it out! Did you resist the urge to buy something unnecessary? Round of applause! Clap for You!

True Story: When I paid off my first car note, I treated myself to a homemade spa day. It wasn’t extravagant, but it was a celebration of my progress and commitment to my financial health. 

Final Thoughts: Love Your Money, Love Yourself

Remember, this isn’t just about money. It’s about cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself and your values. Financial awareness is a journey, and like any spiritual practice, it takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love. Be stern with your goals, but gentle with yourself. You’ve got this!

Thank you for joining me on this heartfelt journey to financial awareness. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and spiritual sassiness. And remember, your path to abundance starts with a single, intentional step.

With love and abundance, LaGoddess Shay Angelle , Sage Of The Oracle

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. Let's support each other on this path to financial and spiritual enlightenment. 🌸

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